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  • Hotelski uvjeti/čistoća: 8,1
  • Objekti 8,0
  • Lokacija 8,0
  • Udobnost/standard sobe: 8,0
  • Uslužnost osoblja: 7,9
  • Vrijednost za novac: 8,2
  • Hrana/objedi: 6,7
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jamie M.
21 lipnja 2016
I am a regular or this hotel and since it became zing the atmosphere has changed dramatically for the worst. The French manager has to be one of the most rudest front desk people I have ever encountered! The baggage man has the worst body odour, actually he was the same last time so it's not a one off!!

Michael P.
20 lipnja 2016
Appalling Staff
I have stayed at this hotel many times - mainly because it is in a good location and it's cheap. Even though I have stayed there many times, I have never been recognised by the staff. My experience this time has made me reconsider EVER staying there again. I arrived at the check in counter, and the manager was sitting there. He neither looked up, said one word, or acknowledged his new customers in any way. He TOTALLY ignored us. After he finished whatever he was doing on the computer, he got up and went to his office, without saying anything or even looking at us. I was shown to my room by a male staff member who had the most overwhelming body odour, I had to spray my room with deodorant after he left. He looked dirty and smelled as though both he and his clothes had not been washed for days. Some hours later I was lying on my bed watching tv. Suddenly, a key was put in the door and the door was opened. I jumped up from the bed and there was a man, plus a woman who looked to be a maid. "What are you doing here?" He said without introduction. This is my room, I said. "When did you come here?". I said WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING LETTING YOURSELF INTO MY ROOM!? He said something about not expecting me to be there and he thought the room was vacant. I asked him if he was from the hotel why didn't he check the register first? He told me he "needed to check the cupboard" (??). I asked him why? "I need to check the cupboard". (He had still not introduced himself and I had no idea who he was). I told him I as outraged that someone just lets themselves into my room, tries to barge in, no introduction or apology - and I slammed the door in his face. As far as I know, he didn't come back. By the way - the cupboard was completely empty. I have never, ever experienced anything like this before in any hotel in the world. I didn't even bother reporting it to the manager, as I already had been given a taste of his attitude. Staff here are bored, rude and dis

Andrejs C.
Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo
16 lipnja 2016
good place to stay !
free sauna with pool and good internet connection. Clean and hotel ,- clean pool. very friendly staff. just 5 minutes walk from the beach. good conection with Pattaya city. Definitely want to come back again. Thank you!

Johannes B.
16 lipnja 2016
very good value for money
ZIng has all it takes for having a pleasant stay.

Anthony S.
Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo
07 lipnja 2016
Second time stayed there perfect
Great location, good facilities, atttentive staff, good value for money. Will be staying there again and recommending to friends.

Montague B.
Sjedinjene Američke Države
04 lipnja 2016
Many pluses--but a couple of serious minuses...
On the plus side, an accommodating staff, central location, and very reasonable price. Two negatives should give pause, however. First of all, doors slamming at all hours of the day and night. Room locks are thumb-activated from inside, so most guests slam the doors in order to lock them. There is neither acoustic tile nor carpeting in the hallways to cushion those frequent blows--especially at five-thirty or six in the morning when overnight guests are being sent on their various and many ways.. Secondly, mattresses are typically Thai: hard as rocks. If you are farang and fond of your Sealy Posturpedic, you're in for a shock.

Richard W.
31 svibnja 2016
Good hotel for the money
The internet service SUCKS. Bring your ear plugs the doors banging at night in very annoying. (it would be easy to weather strip the doors to cut the noise but I doubt if that would ever happen) Sewer smell in the pool area My plan was to stay 1 week longer but with the noise, internet service and the rock hard mattress I decided to end it and go home.

29 svibnja 2016
Good hotel but
Power down were occurred several times, no light no air condition for several hours in the day time. Some time I saw cockroaches.

Mohd S.
25 svibnja 2016
A few mosquitoes in the room.

Chan L.
25 svibnja 2016
Good location and clean room
Walking distance to the beach. Good value for money